Why choose us?

Well for one, great and original websites that anybody would be proud to call their own! We strive to come up with original websites and themes. Then comes the challenge of making them come to life! You tell us what’s in YOUR head, what your thinking of for YOUR website, and then it’s our job to make it come to life! And that’s exactly what we try to do, get inside your head and make your dreams come true on your website. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but we try our best to do exactly that. And we won’t publish it until your are happy with what we’ve made for you!

Graphic Design

We strive to make great graphics for your site. Great graphics can make or break a site and we strive to make the best graphics we can to make your site look the best it can! Banners aren’t the only thing we can do, we can make logo’s for you too. You tell us what you need for your business or work, personal site, or organization and we will do our best to make some great graphics for your website. Or some logo’s or other graphics you might need for other reasons.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are more than compatible than with other web designers out there if you compare ours to theirs. Most of them are going to charge you around $1,000 to $1,200 starting out for a 5 page website that are NOT better than ours in any way. We charge around $750 dollars for a 5 page website. (Although that does depend on the pages, and the work, it can be less, please get a quote.) See the difference?

Search Engine Optimization

Submitting your site to a search engine is also very easy to do. One thing that I have noticed while searching other web designers and the sites they make is the way they make their websites. Search engine spiders work by looking for 9 major things on a website, or web page. If you don’t have these on your web page it can make a BIG difference. When somebody puts something on a search engine and they start looking for websites, 1000’s might show up. If your website doesn’t have at least 8 of these 9 points for the search engine to find, it can mean the difference between your site being listed in the top 100, or the bottom 1000, where would you like your site listed? Here at TK Web Designs we try and make sure each site we make has at least 8 of these points of interest, but we always try and shoot for 9. This will optimize your ranking on any given search engine, like “Google” for example. As a matter of fact, all of the sites we’ve made for businesses have all 9 points, and have done fairly well on the search engine listings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works, we consult with you from the very start. This process of asking you questions is a NEEDED process to get a feel for what your likes and dislikes are concerning your website, what you want it to be. After the original consultation we will begin work on your site. We will be in touch with you every step of the way. ONLY after you have agreed that you like the site we made for you, we’ve made it the way you want and are happy with it, will payment be made and the website installed. And with us the submitting your site to search engines and getting your .com name is always free. These things are very easy to do, and takes about 10 minutes or under each, why should you be charged for that? We will show you how to get your own .com name, this is VERY easy to do. But if you want us to do it, we will of course do it, it costs under 10 dollars and is always included in the price.

How Much Will It Cost?

Here at TK Web Designs we don’t have any set prices or plans, please use our Contact page to get a free quote. We know that every website is different and takes a different amount of work. Although prices generally start around that $750 dollar mark, there are no “Set” prices here. We will always do our best to try and work with you on the price. I have a partner, “Steve”, who handles the business end, but will be sure and give you more than a fair price compared to other web designers out there. We will set your site up with the server, install it. Set you up with all the email accounts you will need. Any other thing you need to make your website run smoothly, we will handle it.