Web Design, What We Can Offer You.

A “Website”, what is it exactly? Well there are different explanations from whomever you may ask. The simple explanation is a collection of one or more “Web Pages” connected together to make a “Website”. But here at “TK Web Designs” we know that it’s much more than that. It’s a process of putting your hopes and dreams, your “imagination” on a website for the world to see. Here at TK Web Designs it’s our job to take what’s in your head, your “imagination” and bring that to life on a “Website”. Something that not only looks good, but has the “QUALITY” you expect from a “Professional Web Design Company”. Here at “TK Web Designs” we know the importance of a good, well made website. And we take great pride in doing “Quality” work at an “Affordable Price”. The kind of website that draws attention to it, and will last with the upcoming changes in the “World Wide Web”.

Here at TK Web Designs we make all our pages using “HTML5” along with CSS3. These are the Premier languages for making websites now being used. This helps assure that your site will work on all major browsers out there. It also assures that your site will be compatible with all the latest mobile devices that are out there too.

Knowing Your Target Audience

This is a big one. Although we always make sure all the websites we make work with all the browsers out there, there is one that we MAKE SURE that our sites work well with, the most common one. We also make sure it expands to fit all screen sizes, and works with cell phones and tables, ect. And we always try and make the website will fit the people and age group that it’s meant to reach.

Search Engine Optimization

Submitting your site to a search engine is also very easy to do. One thing that I have noticed while searching other web designers and the sites they make is the way they make their websites. Search engine spiders work by looking for 9 major things on a website, or web page. If you don’t have these on your web page it can make a BIG difference. When somebody puts something on a search engine and they start looking for websites, 1000’s might show up. If your website doesn’t have at least 8 of these 9 points for the search engine to find, it can mean the difference between your site being listed in the top 100, or the bottom 1000, where would you like your site listed? Here at TK Web Designs we try and make sure each site we make has at least 8 of these points of interest, but we always try and shoot for 9, in fact, in all the websites we’ve done, we’ve hit all 9 of these points that search engine spiders look for! What does this mean for you? This will help optimize your ranking on any given search engine, like “Google” for example.

But here’s one thing that A LOT of web designers out there aren’t doing for some reason? Way back all the search engines worked the same way when it came to how their search spiders crawl or search your site. But now “Google” is doing things a lot different than the others? So most web designers out there are just concentrating on that one ONLY! Although Google is considered the big boy on the block right now, it’s NOT the only search engine. And “Bing” is gaining on “Google” fast! But like I said, they work different on how they look up websites.

I’ve actually been using “Bing” a lot more lately, I do like the results better sometimes, and the thing I do like is they update their information on a site almost daily, where Google might take up to 1 and 1/2 to 2 months to update there listings? They even say so when you ask how often they update the information on YOUR site? I personally know 3 businesses here in my town that use, “Bing”, and another uses, “Yahoo” for their search engines. We always make sure our SEO, or search engine optimization is set up not only for Google, but for all search engines out there! If you want to contact me, I can actually show you what your website, or anybody’s website for that matter will look like to “Search Engine Spiders”. I use this A LOT when building websites so I know just what it will look like when a search engine looks at it. So if somebody built you a website, or your thinking about having one built for you, please contact me and I can show you how some of their websites look to search engine spiders, or how they will look when a search engine tries to look them up. I can tell you exactly what’s missing on them, and the difference between what we do. I think you might be surprised at what some of them are actually missing when they build their websites.

Since this page was made there have been changes in the way “Google” ranks the sites on their search engine now, they announced this on August 6, 2014. Now they are saying if you want a higher ranking you need to get an “SSL” certificate. What is this? Essentially it’s just a “Security Certificate”. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”, the “Certificate”, a good one will cost you around 50.00 dollars a year. And you will need a web master, or Designer that has scripting ability in order to make sure he or she can install the script properly. Mainly this is has been used in banking sites, or ecommerce sites, or some other sites have been using it like “Facebook” ect. Websites that require you use your login info on their sites a lot, or other big companies that get hacked a lot. If you look at the very top of the page most websites you will see them start with this, “http://”, the HTTP stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol”. Now sites with the SSL installed will with have an additional “S” at the beginning. They will look like this “https://”, the “S” in there stands for “Safe” or “Secure”. So if you want a “Higher” ranking on “Google” now, you have to dish out more money to ensure that higher ranking on “THEIR” search engine.

Mobile Device Compatibility

The sites we make now and from now on will all be compatible with all smartphones and tablets, and PDA’s. We have changed over to HTML5 coding, and our site is now mobile device compatible, and we have gone back and made all of our business sites mobile device compatible, (free of charge of course). And every site we make in the future will be mobile device compatible, as long as you want it to be of course. We can even make a mobile version of your existing site if you want, without changing the site you already have if you want it that way.

In April of 2015, Google announced that if you want a higher ranking on your website, your website MUST be mobile device compatible. So if you want a higher ranking on Google at least, your site must be mobile device compatible.

Web Services

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works, we consult with you from the very start. This process of asking you questions is a NEEDED process to get a feel for what your likes and dislikes are concerning your website, what you want it to be. After the original consultation we will begin work on your site. We will be in touch with you every step of the way. ONLY after you have agreed that you like the site we made for you, we’ve made it the way you want and are happy with it, will payment be made and the the website installed. And with us the submitting your site to search engines and getting your .com name is always free. These things are very easy to do, and take about 10 minutes or under each, why should you be charged for that? We will show you how to get your own .com name, this is VERY easy to do. But if you want us to do it, we will of course do it, it cost under 10 dollars and is always included in the price.

Web Design Knowledge

I personally have been making websites since the late 90’s. I started making websites in 1998, then I went to school for web design starting in 2003 and ending in 2006. Through a combination of “Hands on”, “School”, and “Discussing” web design with other web designers. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and use that knowledge to make you the best website possible. I’ve learned that certain colored backgrounds against a certain colored text are hard to see for older people, (People over 50), and people with vision problems. Why is this important? Simply put, these are usually the CEO’s of businesses or the ones who decide where their money is going to be spent. Simply put, if they can’t see it, they will go to a site they can see. I’ve actually seen some web designers make ENTIRE sites using this color combination. I learned that certain colors can work against you. There’s one color that if you use it to much can actually make people angry. This is the same color of just over 90% of the cars that have been attacked by “Road Rage”. I’ve actually seen web designers make entire sites using this color too.

How Much Will It Cost?

Here at TK Web Designs we don’t have any set prices or plans, please use our Contact page to get a free quote. We know that every website is different and takes a different amount of work. Although prices generally start around that $750 dollar mark, there are no “Set” prices here. Why? What if we made a site for somebody that was around that 5 page area, with graphics and scripting and we earned every bit of it. Now you come along and want a 5 page site but it only takes us half the amount of time, do you think we should charge you the same amount of time we charged that person? We don’t either, but other web designers are doing it all the time, they have set prices for everybody no matter how long it takes, like a 2 hour minimum to work on a graphic, even if it only takes him 45 minutes to get the job done? Is that fair? That’s why we charge by the job, NOT by the hour, and it will be different for each job. And we will always do our best to try and work with you on the price. I have a partner, “Steve”, that handles the business end, but will be sure and give you more than a fair price compared to other web designers out there. We will set your site up with the server, install it. Set you up with all the email accounts you will need. Any other thing you need to make your website run smoothly, we will handle it.