Here are a few websites we’ve made.

The first one is for a hair salon called, “E-clips Salon”. It’s a good looking site, tried to do the best job I could for her. The second one I did for a nail salon called, “Nail Dynasty”. It’s a nice site with some nice graphics, and has a couple of flash picture shows for her products. UPDATE, the “Nail Dynasty” site is in Limbo right now. She didn’t pay her domain name fees, so her site is down. It’s up to her to either pay them or not. If she pay’s for them, the site will be back up with a plan for redoing the whole thing. If she doesn’t pay for them, the site will remain down.

The third one is a website I made for the “Southwest Dance Party”. I have to say, they are a couple of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! They wanted a “Las Vegas” theme, and had a lot of pictures that needed to be worked on, plus flyers and stuff like that, and on a fast schedule too. I managed to get it done in 4 days, but it was worth those long hours.

The fourth one is one I made for a gal name, “Julie Lee”. She has a band called, “Julie Lee & Her White Rose Band”. She had a site, but want it totally redone from what the old site was, wanted a totally new look. So we got together and talked it over. I put a few things together and she liked them, we ended up with a rotating css banner on top. A cd gallery on the bottom of the pages which you could click on and it takes you to the info on each of her cd’s. She has a lot of pages with flyers and info about what she does and where she plays, stuff like that. I’m also maintaining that site a lot, will be updating it constantly with pics and new flyers. The site turned out a lot better than even I thought it would. Especially the banner rotator. We also did this site using HTML5 to make sure people would be able to view it using tablets and smartphones.

Now since I got out of school, and I mean right after about a week in 2004 I’ve been laid up. I have this problem with my back. So since I got outta school I’ve either been in the hospital, or at home in bed 20 hours a day. Not much of a life let me tell you. But these are the sites I have managed to make. I haven’t been able to get out there and push my business like I’ve wanted to in other words. But the sites are below, I hope you like them.

These are just to show what can be done if a person puts his mind to it. You can click on them and it will take you to their sites. Thanks to all of the people and their businesses that had me build their websites, it was a pleasure doing it and I made some great friends doing it too.

Eclips Salon    Nail Dynasty
Southwest Dance Party    Whiterose Band