Graphic Design

What does graphic design have to do with a website and what can we offer you? Well, without the graphics on a website, the website would look pretty bare. You need graphics to make the website look nice. From the banner’s to the logo’s on it, to the icon’s on the pages. All around the website you will see graphics that have to be made for it.

Have you ever been to a site and it looked just kind of, “Blah”? I mean it looked like something you could find on a newspaper? That is where the designer made a mistake with the graphics and colors big time!!!! There are MILLIONS of websites out there, and you have around 8 seconds tops to grab the peoples attention with yours! And that starts with the colors and graphics!! I read on one web designers site that he’s worried about people on dial up, if you have graphics on your site and the people that are still on dial up, they won’t come to your site? Well here’s the deal, over 95% of the other sites are using all kinds of graphics to grab the attention of the people out there, so the people on dial up are used to waiting for the page to load, believe me. Why, because all the other sites have the graphics on them too! So do you want to leave the graphics out and make a really bland looking site that would only look good to somebody that is color blind? Or do you want to put great graphics in and draw some attention to your site and hopefully get some people coming to your site that might not come there because you have a great looking site because of the graphics on your site? I guess that choice will be up to you.

Here at “TK Web Designs” we use mostly “Photoshop”. But we also use other programs to make the graphics we use to make the websites we make. We try and come up with unique graphics for your website. Something that will stand out, but in a good way. Something that when people look at it, it says, “Hey, look here, this is my business”. Something that draws attention to it, and they will remember. One of the hardest part of having a website is getting a person that’s just browsing websites to stop, and look at your website. If the site is good looking and has good graphics, that will get them to stop, then the content will keep them there.

We work hard to bring you the graphics, but keep in touch with you before putting them in the site. To make sure they’re the graphics that you would like on your site. If you approve of them, then we will install them. We also do work on photo’s. Touching them up, resizing them, or making slide shows for websites. If you want, we can even put different backgrounds on people, or images for you. Anything to make your website look the way you want, and make the website go from a “So so website”, to an “Outstanding One”!


Here’s an example of a few things we can do with photoshop. The first one is the original picture, the second one is a picture we redid using “Photoshop”. We took the people out of the original, and put them in a totally different background, changed the shading to match, and everything else. Looks pretty real doesn’t it? These are only a few things we can do using the skills we know using the graphic programs we have.