What are some of our features?

Well, great and original websites for a great price for one! We work hard to give you an original website at the best price you can afford. The site will not only look great, but will function great too! And will work with all the browsers out there and with the smartphones out there and tablets too! We’ve learned over the years that looks aren’t everything. You need good coding too! Without proper coding, the pages just won’t work great with all browsers, and smartphones and tablets, or be compatible for the disabled.

Graphic Design

Making great graphics for you site is very important too. We strive to keep up with the demand on the graphic end of things. It’s almost as important as the coding and scripting. You need great graphics to have a great website. Graphics that look good and match the theme of site, and the message that you are trying to convey to the people who come to your site.

Website Maintenance

We also maintain your site after we built it. The first year is free, it’s included in the price! This means if you need anything changed, upgrades, pictures added, anything up to a complete overhaul of the site, it’s included in the original price. If you already have a site and your old designer ran out on you and you need somebody to maintain your site now, we can do that. Anything you need to keep your site up and running smoothly, we can do it!

Mobile Device Compatibility

The sites we make now, and from now on will all be compatible with all smartphones and tablets, and PDA’s. We have changed over to HTML5 coding, and our site is now mobile device compatible, and we have gone back and made all of our business sites mobile device compatible, (free of charge of course). And every site we make in the future will be mobile device compatible, as long as you want it to be of course. We can even make a mobile version of your existing site if you want, without changing the site you already have if you want it that way. Our site, and all the sites we make have a PC version, and a mobile device version, and a link at the bottom of the mobile version so they can click on it and go to the PC version if they want.

Refurbish an Old Site

If you need us to refurbish or, “Redo” an old site. We can do that too! We can totally revamp the site or give it a facelift, or add on to an existing site. Our scripting is probably higher and better than your existing site, but we will still do our best to match your existing sites color’s and theme if you need something added on to it. If your site is still using that old “HTML” language, and you want it moved up to XHTML, or HTML5 and want to make sure it’s compatible with all the browsers out there and with smartphones and tablets, we can do that too! Whatever you need, we can do it!

Website Consultations

We also give website consultations. What does this mean? Well you come to us, and ask us what you need and we will tell you what we think you need? Whether your just starting out and need a site built, or if you have a site and need your site redone, or need your site redone so it’s more set up for mobile devices, or you just need something added on to your site. Whatever you need done site wise, we can tell you what we can do to help you out, or somebody else if that’s what your looking for. We will give you an honest appraisal of what you need done, how much it should cost money wise, “with use anyway”, and how much time it should take.